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Outrageous Sundaes

Gold Rush

Chocolate and Coffee ice cream with butterscotch, chocolate fudge and almonds.

Swensen’s Banana Split

Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge, strawberry and pineapple toppings, fresh banana slices and almonds.

Firehouse Happy Birthday

A complete birthday treat with Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream, topped with strawberry, pineapple and chocolate fudge toppings. Make your birthday wish over the firehouse flame!


Thin Mint ice cream covered with hot fudge

Hot Fudge Sundae

We brought back a long-lost favorite! Vanilla ice cream crowned with velvety smooth hot fudge , fluffy whipped cream and a delicate almonds. This just brings back so much feels…

Strawberry Sundae

Another example of how less is more we’re reintroducing our favorite strawberry sundae loaded with Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and just the right amount of luscious strawberry topping.

Chocoholic Cravings

Chocolate Crunch

Chocolate ice cream, hot fudge and loads of crispy chocolate morsels.

Sticky Chewy Chocolate

To die for - Swensen’s swensational Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream completely engulfed by hot fudge for that rich velvety mouthfeel. Did you know? The famous Sticky Chewy Chocolate flavor was discovered by accident when a mixer unintentionally distorted the recipe!

Local Infusion

Durian Supreme

A generous scoop of Durian ice cream accompanied with chewy attap seeds and crunchy almonds

Mango Madness

Mango ice crea, with peach chunks, strawberry and butterscotch toppings.

Salted Gula Melaka Heaven

Can't decide between sweet and savory? Then this is perfect for you! Creamy scoops of heavyly Salted Gula Melaka ice cream accompanied with chocolate balls, diced almonds and chocolate morsels.

Sizzling Pan

Banana Crumble

Banana crumble on a sizzling skillet with caramelized fresh banana slices and Ol’ Fashioned Vanilla ice cream topped with butterscotch cream sauce.

Cable Carfaits

Coit Tower

A towe of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, strawberry and chocolate fudge toppings, fresh banana slices and almonds.


Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream smothered with chocolate fudge

Strawberry Stripes

Strawberry topping swirled among Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream, topped with almonds.

Nutty Sundaes

Nutty Mighty

Chocolate Peanut Buttercup Macadamia and Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream crowned with a generous measure of macadamia nuts, almonds, hot fudge and caramel.

Hazel Daze

Mocha Almond Fudge and Hazelnut ice cream with oodles of hazelnut wafer cubes, hot fudge and melted marshmallow.

Macadamia Mania

A generous scoop of Macadamia Nut ice cream topped with macadamia nuts, hot fudge and caramel.

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue with 5 ice cream flavors (Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Thin Mint, Mocha Almond Fudge, Strawberry, Cookies 'N' Cream), maraschino cherries, fresh strawberries, bananas, marshmallow cubes, chocolate profiteroles, fan wafers and diced almonds.

Mega Sundaes

Regular Earthquake

Taken after the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake,this mouthwatering indulgence is sure to send tremors of delight right off the richter scale. Satisfy your cravings with 8 scoops of ice cream of your choice, plus 8 toppings.

Topless 5

A sampling of five ice cream flavors of your choice, presented topless for your pleasure.

Towering Temptations

Double Berry

Strawberry ice cream with layers of blueberry topping and peach chunks complemented with 01' Fashioned Vanilla ice cream.

Mango Fantasy

Towering scoops of Mango and Vanilla ice cream, with pineapple topping, banana slices and peach chunks

Cookie Summit

Mountain of Cookies 'N' Cream and Butterscotch ice cream, covered by cold fudge and chocolate balls.

Crunchie Cones

Classic Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate and almonds.

Choco Pop

Chocolate ice cream coated with chocolate and cocoa pops.

Ice Cream Scoops

Mix and match two of your favour ice cream flavors with two of your favorite toppings to create your own sundae! Each creation comes with whipped cream, maraschino cherry and wafer.

Strawberry Sherbet

Salted Butterscotch Crumble

Wild Floral Honey Crumble

Sticky Chewy Chocolate


Thin Mint


Yummy Raisin


Lime Sherbet

Durian Supreme

Chocolate Peanut Buttercup


Froster Chocolate Malt


Macadamia Nut

Mocha Almond Fudge

Rocky Road


Salted Gula Melaka

Cookies 'N' Cream

Coconut Yam

Awesome Topping

Crunchy Granola

Macadamia Nut

Chocolate Ball

Fresh strawberry

Hazelnut Wafer





Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Crunch

Cold Fudge

Diced Almonds

Jimmies Or Dips

Maraschino Cherry




Whipped Cream

Decadent Delight

The Rock

This delightful treat brings you 3 signature ice cream flavors - Hazelnut, Cookies ‘N’ Cream and Rocky Road garnished with marshmallow sauce, hot caramel, cocoa pops and wafers from Italy.

Brownie Points

Bite into rich and moist brownies flanked by a delicious assembly of creamy Salted Butterscotch Crumble ice cream, granola, sliced bananas and an indulgent drizzle of gooey marshmallow sauce.

Double Whammy

Fluffy golden waffles coupled with generous scoops of Yammy Coconut ice cream, crunchy granola and dried fruits makes for a really yummy smorgasbord of flavors! Double the fun by drizzling your very own chocolate dip - just the way you like it!

Fair & Square

Seriously good waffles made even better by Wild Floral Honey Crumble ice cream, juicy strawberries, crunchy diced almonds and a swirl of luscious marshmallow sauce for good measure.