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Sambal Butter Chicken

Plump and juicy boneless chicken lightly seasoned, grilled to tender perfection and crowned with a glorious dollop of sambal butter for a rich and flavorful taste like no other.

Chicken In The Basket

An American classic from the south! Juicy and tender yet crispy golden fried 3-piece chicken, served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.

Battered Fish & Chips

An ode to our signature Fish & Chips, we came up with a slightly different but equally yummy version! Battered fish fillets lightly seasoned, fried to a crisp golden brown and served with creamy green pea puree.

Deep Fried Salmon With Chili Jam

A highly prized catch featuring tender salmon delicately seasoned and fried to golden brown perfection. A generous drizzle of our homemade chili jam provides a sweet-spicy kick to complete the dish wonderfully.

Fish and Chips

Tender ocean fresh fish fillet fried perfectly for that crisp exterior but moist and delicate flesh, served with our signature house tartar sauce, U.S. fries and tangy coleslaw. Our most famous dish will hit the spot, every time…Swensen’s signature Fish & Chips promises a true all American experience.

Breaded Chicken

Golden fried marinated chicken cutlet drizzled with meuniere sauce, served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.

Pesto Salmon

Grilled salmon topped with pesto sauce, served with mashed potatoes and vegetable-of-the-day. Rich in omega-3, salmon is regarded as one of the healthiest foods in the world and a great boost for that extra brainpower!

Grilled Fish Sambal

Oh so tender fish fillet with special sambal chili served with mashed potatoes and vegetable-of-the-day.

Crispy Cornflake Chicken

Back by popular demand, this Swensen’s creation is irresistible! Tenderly succulent and moist boneless chicken generously coated with crispy golden cornflakes for that extra crunch in every bite.

BBQ Half Chicken

Grilled half chicken in smoked BBQ sauce, served with U.S potatoes and vegetable-of-the-day.

Lamb Chops

Cuts of lamb tenderly grilled, served with mint jelly, U.S. potatoes and vegetable-of-the-day.

Sirloin Steak

Grilled sirloin steak with choice of BBQ, sambal or black pepper sauce, served with U.S. potatoes and vegetable-of-the-day.

Crabmeat Fried Rice

Swensen’s secret recipe fried rice with crabmeat. Truly satisfying.

Burgers & Rolls

Mega Burger

A gigantic burger! Layers of juicy beef patty, chicken meatloaf, turkey bacon, grilled vegetables, onions and melted cheese topped off with a fried egg! Served with U.S. fries and coleslaw.

Swensen's Ultimate Chicken Burger

Dig into a satisfying tower of plump and juicy breaded chicken fried to perfection, drizzled generously with creamy sauce and chef’s special jackfruit salsa.

Spicy Griller Chicken Burger

Grilled tender chicken thigh seasoned with spice, topped with fresh vegetables and BBQsauce. Serced with U.S. fried and coleslaw.

Double Cheese Beef Burger

Double decker beef patties with melted cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Served with U.S. fried and coleslaw.

Sourdough 49ers Chicken

Chicken slices, turkey bits and cheddar cheese sandwiched between sourdough football buns. Served with U.S. fries and coleslawl.


Egg omelette with your choice of any two fillings, cheese, chicken cold cut, chicken, mushrooms or onions. Served with U.S. fried and coleslaw.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

This All-American favorite will tantalize your taste buds Artisanal Ciabatta bun, sumptuous slices of grilled sirloin steak, sautéed onions, mushrooms and oh so good melted cheese!

Baked Rice

Fisherman’s Catch Baked Rice

An impressive medley brimming with plump fish fillets, blue mussels and shrimps baked with lemongrass infused wild rice, spicy tomato sauce and gooey melted cheese.

Curry Chicken Baked Rice

Spicy chunks of curry chicken baked with savory rice.

Fish Baked Rice

Grilled fish fillet in white sauce baked with mushroom rice and cheese.

Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Baked Rice

Smoked salmon and mushrooms baked with mushroom rice, cheese and brown sauce.

Chicken Baked Rice

Tender fried breaded chicken baked with mushroom rice and cheese in special white sauce


Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza

Tasty beef pepperoni with cheese on a tomato base. A favorite for the pizza lover!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Juicy grilled chicken chunks drizzled with BBQ sauce, pineapples, green peppers, tomatoes and onions, on a tomato base.

Hawaiian Pizza

Chicken meatloaf, green peppers, pineapples, mushrooms, onions and cheese on a tomato base.


Crayfish Pasta

We hear you! Bringing back a hot favorite, we present to you a swimmingly good platter of succulent crayfish, chunky fish fillets and crabsticks tossed in tangy tomato sauce.

Spaghetti Carbonara

A just-tossed plate of warm pasta glistening with eggy cream sauce, adorned with juicy bits of chicken cold cut , Shiitake mushrooms and crowned with Parmesan cheese and crisp turkey bacon bits. Pick up the fork and dig in!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Mushrooms, red chili and garlic with spaghetti tossed in garlic oil.

Black Pepper Seafood Pasta

Fish fillet, mussels and crabsticks with spaghetti tossed in black pepper sauce. This all-time classic has the perfect combination of peppery spiciness with a hint of sweetness.

Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise

Juicy chicken and beef meatballs atop spaghetti with minced beef in tomato sauce, baked with cheese.

Salmon ‘N’ Mushroom Pasta

Smoked salmon and sautéed mushrooms with spaghetti in cream sauce.

Seafood Arrabbiata Pasta

This bestseller specially created by our test kitchen features spaghetti al dente in spicy tomato cream sauce served with fresh blue mussels and succulent prawns. Truck in and enjoy the punchy flavors in every mouthful

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta

Grilled chicken thigh smothered in teriyaki sauce served with spaghetti and vegetable-of-the-day.

Mac 'N' Cheese

Macaroni, mushtooms and onions baked with cheese and cream sauce.

Chili Crab Pasta

Savour this pasta in special homemade italian sauce with crispy chili crab.


Hot U.S. Fries & Dips

This traditional peeled cut fries made from 100% Idoho potatoes is a Swensen’s trademark. Our special coating ensure the fries maintain its crisp texture and natural potato flavor, bite after bite.

Calamari Rings

Golden fried calamari rings served with our famous tartar sauce.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Chunks of rich golden fried Mozzarella cheese sticks.

Meatball in Tomato Sauce

Juicy chicken and beef meatballs tenderly braised in tomato sauce, served with mashed potatoes.

Spice 'N' Chic

Featuring tender, plump fried chicken thigh strios lightly seasoned with our secret spices.

Rodeo Wings

Golden fried chicken wings tossed with BBQ sauce and topped with crushed black pepper.

Deep Fried Mushrooms

Golden fried plump Shiitake mushrooms served with tartar sauce.


Tangy tomato salsa on garlic butter French loaf with parmesan cheese and drizzled with olive oil


Sourdough bread became widely popular in San Francisco during the California Gold Rush. The natural yeast in sourdough helps in bread leavening and imparts its distinctive taste. Used commonly for sandwiches and soup, sourdough bread helps with digestion and is high in minerals.

Clam Chowder

Baby clams, diced potatoes, carrots, onions and celery in creamy soup served in a sourdough bread bowl.

Creamy Mushroom

A rich and creamy soup made with fresh Shiitake and button mushrooms, served in a sourdough bread bowl.


Smoked Salmon Salad

A scrumptious medley of lettuce, smoked salmon and capers graced by Caesar dressing!

Caesar Salad With Breaded Fish

Crunch your way into a delicious bowl of crisp breaded fish, greens, eggs and golden brown croutons for the perfect start to your meal!

Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce, eggs, parmesan cheese and cheese croutons tossed with Caesar dressing.

Prawn & Fruit Salad

Crisp lettuce, succulent prawns and chunky tropical fruits with homemade mango yogurt dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Fresh lettuce, grilled chicken, cabbage and carrots tossed with crunchy almonds and thousand island dressing.

Caesar Salad with Breaded Chicken

We added a delicious twist to the classic Caesar salad by adorning it with succulent slices of breaded chicken fried to golden brown perfection.